9.30AM - 12.30AM OR 1.30PM-4.30PM

GRC Pre-conference workshops

Explore the latest topics and trends impacting the GRC landscape, discuss the implications and networking opportunities. Topics covered in this immersive session include: 

  • Non-financial conduct risk
  • Increased focus upon Whistleblowing
  • Why exactly does Compliance sit in the 3 Lines of Defence?
  • Is Regtech the answer? (Spoiler alert! No, it’s just a tool..)
  • Defining Ethics and Integrity (or possibly just having an argument about it…)

Worth 3 CPD points

Tutor: Jonathan Bowdler, FICACourse Director, International Compliance Association

9.30AM - 12.30AM OR 1.30PM - 4.30PM

AML Pre-conference workshop

Explore the latest topics and trends impacting the AML landscape and work through case studies and practical exercises to enhance your discussion and networking opportunities. Topics covered in this immersive session include:

  • Trends in enforcement action (a global and local perspective)
  • The role of the first line in owning risk
  • Risk assessment methodology in practice
  • Understanding nature of business
  • Source of wealth and source of funds - what does good look like for corporate and retail clients?
  • Evaluating sanctions risk in CDD
  • Understanding ownership and control
  • Negative news and negative facts
  • Best practice in documenting and evidencing CDD

Worth 3 CPD points.

Tutor: Andy Clarke, FICA, Course Director, International Compliance Association

Join us to discuss a range of hot topics within the regulatory and compliance industry.

As senior practitioners, we truly value your contribution and we’re looking forward to sharing your thoughts and experiences, to help shape the future development of the Association.

Venue: Etc Venues, St Paul's London.

5PM  - Registration and drinks

6PM - Dinner is served

8PM - Carriages

This event is eligable for Fellows of the ICA. If you are not sure what category of membership you hold please contact the membership team on

8.15AM - 9.15AM

Conference Registration



Welcome from Pekka Dare, FICADirector, International Compliance Association


Keynote address

The Evolving Nature of Culture.
David Blunt, Head of Conduct SpecialistsFinancial Conduct Authority


Regulatory Update


Networking break


Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Room: Impressive One

New world order: Data breaches, end of the one-stop-shop

Brexit will have a profound effect on how businesses address their privacy programmes, in this session we will cover:

  • The impact of reporting privacy breaches post-Brexit
  • differences in managing domestic, cross-border issues and EU regulation in relation to data breaches

We will advise you in how you:

  • Understand the impact of Brexit on “UK GDPR” and EU GDPR breach management and notification obligations
  • Gain actionable insights and practical advice for ongoing incident and breach management in the post-Brexit era
  • Provide you with step-by-step navigation and practical tips using case studies drawing on personal experience

Linda Thieolvá, Data Privacy Counsel, OneTrust

Room: Impressive Two

Best practice makes perfect: benchmarking your compliance programme

How can you be sure your compliance programme is effective?

Drawing on benchmarking data from the world’s largest whistleblowing community, this session will explore best practices for managing internal and external compliance risks across a range of issues including whistleblowing, bribery and corruption, sexual harassment and data privacy.

Discover the latest key trends,  red flags and discuss the opportunities available to help keep your compliance programme robust and effective

  • Find out how your organisation measures up against regional whistleblowing benchmarks
  • Identify emerging trends and risks that  influence  the development of your ethics and compliance programme.

Ian PainterAssociate Director, EMEA Marketing, NAVEX Global  

Room: Innovative

Regulators are looking at your third-party risk. Are you?

  • How can you monitor supply chain risk? Monitoring adverse news in real time is crucial- wider point about supplier risk
  • Managing risk through choosing the right technology for your needs, taking a risk based approach etc
  • Measuring supply chain risk using the PESTLE framework

Chris McDonaghHead of UK Nexis SolutionsLexis Nexis

Room: Private Dining

Humachines: Harmonizing the future:

  • Monitoring - Dispelling the myth that there’s a magic silver bullet to reducing all false positives while keeping false negatives at low.
  • Intelligent Process Automation – How automation of investigations enables humans to focus on higher risks areas;
  • Technologies and record keeping – decision-making, accountability and traceability;
  • The changing face of compliance; What will tomorrow’s financial crime technology look like?

By attending this session you will:

  • Learn how to use AI/ML technology strategically
  • Understand the adoption of an adaptive management model to reduce false positives
  • Have a clearer idea of the evolving world of financial crime technology
  • Understand what drives change
  • How Fraud and Risk management teams will become more productive

William BrownFinancial Crime Product Consultant, Bottomline Technologies
Mohammad Zraiqat: Sr. Product Manager – Financial Crime Risks, Bottomline Technologies

Room: Premium

Thinking outside the (tick) box: practical steps in building an effective compliance and ethics culture

Developing an ethical culture in your firm can be challenging.  In this session discover how you can overcome these challenges to build and deliver a sustainable compliance and ethics programme:

  • What does an ethical culture look like?
  • How can you  avoid a ‘tick box’ compliance culture which provides false assurance?
  • How can you identify the importance of effective controls that reduce risk of unethical behavior and improve detection of ‘micro-cultures’?
  • How do you deliver a leading approach?

Lance KingHead of FCA Compliance & Deputy MLROO2

Room: Dynamic

Click to move forward: practical examples of deploying successful compliance technology solutions

In a world where scrutiny and regulation continues to drive individual and organisational accountability, compliance functions are those who stand to benefit most from increased technology adoption.

In this interactive session you will discover:

  • How technology can play a vital role in assisting compliance functions, from addressing a specific regulatory need to providing holistic compliance oversight. 
  • How technology needs to flex with the size, scale and complexities of processes and controls .
  • How you can gain actionable insight, manage regulatory obligations and ensure adherence
  • The steps involved to digitize parts of your  compliance programme

Owe Lie-Bjelland, Director GRC Solutions, Corporater.

Mark Limpkin, Head of Consulting, Corporater UK


Speed Break


Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Room: Impressive One

FATF in 2020: Is the standard setter still relevant?

After 30 years and four rounds of Mutual Evaluations, the FATF is finally here to stay with its new open-ended mandate. As it embarks on its own strategic review, how relevant is the global AML/CFT standard setter in the 2020s? What new developments in the standards can be expected and how will they filter down to regulation? And, given recent largely positive evaluations of countries such as the UK, USA and Russia, what can the private sector learn from the FATF in building their AML/CFT and sanctions programmes?

David ArtingstallAssociate DirectorRUSI

Room: Premium

Keynote: Are UK legal entities the oil that keeps laundromats running?

The session will start by reviewing previously unseen bank statements highlighting the UK entities that were involved. We’ll look at some of them in a bit more detail and then turn our attention to existing active entities that are clearly linked to the same companies that were involved in this laundromat and many others.

Graham Barrow, The Dark Money Files Ltd


Networking Lunch


RegTech Implementation


Networking break


Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Room: Premium

Let’s All Shout the C-Word!

What C-word? Compliance? No.. Change? Still no.. Communication? Not that either. What then? It is ….


Culture is no longer an optional extra. No longer a box to be ticked in the annual governance audit. No longer something any leader can ignore. Join us as we unveil the world’s only working Culture Magnet©. Learn what helps create a ‘good’ culture, and discover what things dilute your culture! We’ll explain the difference between a ‘culture of compliance’ and a culture that allows clever companies to stand out from the crowd!

Compliance, Culture and Communication. All combined in one Cracking Crowd-pleasing class! 


Tony Cosgrove, Masgrove Communications

Room: Impressive One

Understanding vulnerable customers: why is the regulator so interested and what do I need to do?

Regulators everywhere increasingly focus on vulnerable customers. We hear the words but often don’t know what they mean in practice. 

FCA defines a vulnerable consumer as: 'someone who, due to their personal circumstances, is especially susceptible to detriment, particularly when a firm is not acting with appropriate levels of care'.

In this session, we’ll examine

  • why ‘vulnerable customers’ is a new ‘hot topic’.

  • Explore what constitutes a vulnerable customer,

  • how your firm can demonstrate they are being identified correctly and treated fairly.

David Jackman, MA, FRSA, FRGS.

Room: Impressive Two

Technology enabled EDD: the future is now

As customer and third-party risks are emerging more than ever and regulators are constantly raising the bar, compliance programmes need to be regularly reviewed and flag when enhanced due diligence is required. New technologies and automation tools can make compliance process more efficient.

Join this session to:

·         learn how technology can help you streamline third party risk process

·          improve data collection for enhanced due diligence.

Maria Sanchez Marin Melero, Performance Director, Refinitiv

Andrew Simpson, Chief Operating Officer, CaseWare RCM

Room: Private Dining

Unpacking 1MDB: Compliance lessons and the Wolf of Wall Street

Following the story of ‘The Billion Dollar Whale’, an account of one of the largest financial frauds the world has ever seen, Patrick Lord will examine how it happened; the key individuals who orchestrated the scheme; and what role compliance could (or should) have played.

By attending this session, you will learn how:

  • to use company data to identify counterparties, and the importance of attention to detail
  • to identify and act on red flags
  • to manage internal pressure on the compliance function
  • About the role of corporate culture, and the ‘tone from the top’ in implementing robust compliance controls

Patrick Lord, Managing Partner, Diligencia

Room: Innovative

Money doesn’t grow on trees: How to Build & Manage a Compliance Framework (on a budget)

In this facilitative session, Angelika will present a case study from her experience at Royal Mail of building and then simplifying a compliance programme on a budget. She will discuss how to secure ownership and using collaboration to influence the business.

By attending this session, you will:

  • Know how to build strategy around developing a cost-efficient compliance programme
  • Learn how to identify cost/simplification opportunities
  • How to use automation to enhance performance.

Angelika Flamm, Group Compliance Director, Royal Mail Group

Room: Dynamic

Poached – the global problem of wildlife trafficking

We will take a whirlwind tour of the damage that the global demand for such products is causing humanity and the financial system. The workshop will also offer an overview on what is being done to tackle this issue by financial institutions and regulators around the world to eradicate this crime and ensure that our respective firms.

  • Understand the high-risk indicators for IWT
  • What measures our firms can take to prevent facilitating IWT

James Wood-Rickett, AML/FCP Course Director, International Compliance Association


Networking drinks reception


Networking breakfast


Welcome remarks and ITN Showreel


People, profit, planet – how is change sustainable?

In this panel session we will be focusing on issues around sustainability and how they intersect with the compliance world. The concept of sustainability is a broad but particularly hot topic and because it comprises element around economics, environment and society, there are many aspects to consider. Who is responsible for sustainability goals? What do regulators expect to see? Where does the compliance function fit in?

What is clear is that framing decisions in the longer term has fundamental links to ethics and culture issues – something that is a key part of the compliance world.

Rob Dagg, FICAChief Risk & Compliance Officer and Company Secretary Metfriendly.
Daniel Chang, Managing Director Investment & Assessment Management, Hines. 


Young Money: looking to the future

Iona Bain, financial journalist, speaker author and blogger. Young Money Agency


Networking break


Mental Health

How to Address the Stress

  • Why is mental health such a big topic?
  • What impacts on our mental health?
  • How no one is immune, and how 9:10 of us are being impacted by mental health issues
  • What are some of the signs and symptoms?
  • Ten Tips for building positive mental health

Peter LarkhamMental Health Trainer



A Diverse Future? Why the compliance function of the next decade may look very different (and how to get there)

Diversity in the workplace is a good thing. You won’t find anyone that disagrees with this statement. However, it’s about much more than you think. Businesses that embrace and understand the benefits of diversity and create an inclusive environment outperform their competitors.

In this interactive session topics discussed will include:

•    The business benefits of a diverse workforce in Compliance
•    Talent acquisition and diversity
•    Overcoming unconscious bias

Paul Asare-Archer FICA, Director of Compliance, O2 (moderator)
Jessica Cook FICA, Head of Risk and Compliance, Europe, Maples Group
Fiona Hipkiss FICA, Managing Director, Hines Europe


Quick break


Keynote: Turning Ambition in to Achievement


We often talk about the right behaviours needed for success, but our actions come from what and how we think. This is also true of our team and customers.

To drive meaningful change within others or ourselves we need to understand the difference between commitment and compliance. True ownership of results can only come from establishing the right thoughts and attitudes. To do differently we have to think differently.

Leading performance coach, Jamil Qureshi session takes us through a practical understanding of how to cultivate mindsets for optimizing talent. Using principles that have been shared with six people who utilized the ideas to become number one in the world in their chosen field, delegates will be taken through an insightful and entertaining look at how we can create positive change through obtaining different outlooks.

For individuals and teams to reach their potential we must find the right thinking and consistency of mind to allow consistency of results.

People who reach the top of their game understand the perspectives which must be applied to ensure that skills are used in the most purposeful way.

The session is rich with take-aways and techniques used by the world’s elite sports and business people.

Jamil Quereshi, Performance Coach, Author, Psychologist.


Close of conference with a networking lunch

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